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Alva’s  Ayurveda Hospital, a unit of Alva’s Education foundation  (R),  established in 1996 by the  great visionary Dr. Mohan Alva, who is an Ayurvedic  Physician himself and has served rural people for many years as a Clinical Practitioner. To propagate Ayurveda, he is still tirelessly working such that its benefits are availed to the major sector of general public.

Since the year of its Establishment, Alva’s Ayurveda Medical College and Hospital has served the people of Moodubidire and the adjoining areas with authentic Ayurveda Health care.

Bestowing to the society with customized care by the experts  in  various Specializations to provide them nothing short of the best in Preventive, Curative and Rejuvenative. Ayurveda Health care. Alva’s Ayurveda Hospital is a fully fledged Ayurveda Hospital which hosts Specialists of different specializations namely Kayachikista (General Medicine), Shalya Tantra (Surgery), Shalakya Tantra (ENT and Ophthalmology), Prasuthi Tantra and Stree Roga (OBG), Twak Roga (Dermatology), Swasthya Rakshana (Preventive Medicine), Kaumarabhrthya (Pediatrics), Manasa Roga (Psychiatry) and Panchakarma. The hospital also offers well furnished IPD which includes Deluxe, Semi Deluxe, Special, Semi Special Rooms and General Wards along with 24 hours Casualty Management and Fully Equipped Laboratory Diagnostic Facilities.

Specialized  treatment  procedures like Panchakarma Therapy, Leech Therapy, Kshara and Agni karma, Rasayana and  Vajikarna along with allied treatment Specialities like Yoga and Naturopathy, Physiotherapy, On-Call consultation of specialists in the Modern System of Medicine are available.

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