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Swarna Sanjeevini

Alva’s Swarna Sanjeevini is the noble ideology of Dr M Mohan Alva, Founder and Chairman of Alva’s Education Foundation®, Moodbidri. This was started by the Institution after a long term pharmaceutical standardization, analytical validation, experimental evaluation and clinical trial.There after it is incorporated as a part of health care service to serve the needy young children of the schools and colleges nearby. The mass appreciation, noble health benefits, significant changes in the mental wellbeing made us to extend our service through Karnataka state wide.

What is Swarna Bindu Prashana

Here 2 drops of Medicated ghee processed with gold bhasma(swarna bhasma) is instilled(dropped) to the mouth , in Newborn till 16 years, on every Pushya Nakshatra, as Ayurvedic oral drops for overall growth of children.

History and Advancement

Origin of Swarna bindu prashana can be traced back to Vedic ages, Grhya sutras and Manusmriti. In Ayurveda- Swarna Prashana mainly implicated in two contexts; Lehana (Supplementary feeds) and Jatakarma Samskara (Newborn care). This is evident in the classical literatures like Susruta Samhita, Caraka Samhita, Ashtanga Hridaya, Ashtanga Samgraha, Kashyapa Samhita etc. Earlier they used to administer the purified Gold(Aparanji) by rubbing over a stone with little amount of water; that was administered along with honey and ghee, keeping face towards east (Kashyapa Samhita) As the time advanced it took more development in its presentation and administration.

Hence they started using Swarna bhasma instead of Purified Gold and was having better therapeutic efficacy, it seems. Later on, due to the still advanced knowledge Swarnaprashana ghrita was prepared with the advanced knowledge of ghee which is proved to be lipophilic and possesses the ability to cross the blood brain barrier and hence as a memory enhancer and neuro-stimulant too.

Health benefits of Swarna Bindu prashana ghrita

  • It enhances the intellect, improves the Longevity, acts as Aphrodisiac, nutritive, complexion enhancer, Cardiac tonic, Brain tonic, vision promoter, and immune modulator as well as neuro-muscular stimulant and replenisher.
  • Presence of gold in body immediately destroy effect of all type of poisons/toxins.

Who can take benefit of Swarna Bindu Prashana?

All Children less than 16 years of age, starting from newborn period of either sex can have the benefit of this. Further the patients who are suffering from neurological deficits and in the victims of Schezophrenia, Parkinsonism etc also is found to be of good efficacy.

Why Swarna Bindu  Prashana is more concerned in Children

Children are in a stage of progressive maturation. Newborn’s brain is only ¼ size of adult brain and it grows to 80% of adult size by 3 yrs and 90% by 5 yrs. 90% of brain development occurs before 5 years. So administration of Swarna Prashana in younger children proves to be beneficial as per modern science too.

Dosage – 2 to 4 drops with honey

Duration – Continuous 30 doses on every Month

Alva’s Ayurveda Medical College Hospital has introduced the Kumara Kalpa, an additional memory enhancer and nutritional supplement for added benefits.

Kumara Kalpa – Pediatric Tonic (100 ml) 

  • Increase strength, built, appetite, prevents diseases
  • Acts as Immuno-modulator and hematinic
  • Enhances speech, intellect, memory and metabolic energy.
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